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Hair Treatment Package for Women

Organic Hair Treatment Package for Women


An organic but intensive combination for women to stop hair loss and to strengthen and revitalise exhausted, lifeless hair. Hair regrowth occurs within 6 to 8 weeks if hair follicles are viable. Recommended mostly for women, but can also be used by men to strenghten hair.

Tip: use the Varga Hair Loss Lotion and the Varga Hair Strengthening Lotion in rotation at least twice daily, preferably in the mornings and evenings. We recommend that you wash your hair at least every three days with the Varga Revitalising Herbal Shampoo.

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Product Description

Helps to stop hair loss and makes hair stronger. Revitalizes hair follicles to regain the natural beauty of your hair.

  • 2 pcs: Varga Hair Loss Lotion
  • 2 pcs: Varga Hair Strengthening Lotion
  • 2 pcs: Varga Herbal Shampoo – FREE!