Visible hair regrowth in a few weeks

Varga hair loss lotion for menThe most common cause of hair loss in men is hereditary, so if most men on either side of your family lost their hair early, it is more than likely you will experience early hair loss as well.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be like that, as Varga hair loss treatment is a real, clinically proven solution for this problem! It stops or significantly reduces hair loss, helps to grow new hair and makes hair strong and healthy.

Start regrowing your lost hair now and prevent further hair loss!

When using Varga Hair Loss Lotion, the insufficiently active or dormant hair roots are delivered a high dose of nutrients directly where it is needed, which stops hair loss and results in renewed hair growth, even for hair follicles which have been dormant for years.

Real results – real regrowth

Start using Varga Hair Loss Lotion twice a day in the mornings and the evenings. Wash your hair with Varga Herbal Shampoo twice a week.

You will start noticing the difference as early as 2 to 3 weeks after regular use. If your inactive hair follicles are still viable, new hair growth appears on areas of the scalp with thinning hair or total hair loss.

At first your new hair is soft and weak but with regular use of the lotion your new hair will become stronger.

Please note: Hair follicles can be inactive for a long time (even for years) but still viable. It is never too late to begin the treatment but the earlier you begin, the better chance you have of achieving spectacular results.

Don’t forget: using the products should be a daily activity like brushing your teeth. Don’t expect miraculous instant success.  You must be patient and keep up your routine to regrow hair and protect further hair loss.

Our products are clinically proven safe and effective. Stop your hair loss now and start regrowing healthy hair!


“By the age of 35 I sufferd from severe hair loss. I went to specialists and I tried tons of treatments with no result. Your product, Varga was the only thing that stopped my hair from falling out and actually regrowing.”

Brian Rees (36)

I am really satisfied with my results. The day I found your website the best day of my life. Thank you.

Mark Williams (32)

“I’d spent outrageous amounts of money on hair products that did nothing for me. I had almost given up when I came across your product. I was amazed to see hair growing where it had fallen out a long time ago.”

E. Harris (41)

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