Causes of Hair Loss and Balding in Men


Stages of male pattern baldness – Norwood-Hamilton classification from Type I (minimal recession of hair) to Type VII (severe pattern hair loss)

The most common condition affecting balding men in the 20 to 45 year age group, is what is termed male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.  This condition is thought be related to hormones called androgens, in particular dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which affects the hair follicles’ ability to get essential nutrients.

Over time, the hair follicles’ ability to grow hair normally decreases and may cease altogether, giving rise to typical patterned baldness, which begins at the temples and continues to the crown of the head.

Stress, an unbalanced diet and certain pharmaceutical drugs can also cause hair loss.

Dermatologists generally agree that sufficient nourishment of the hair follicles through blood vessels in the scalp can stimulate hair growth and might even compensate for the damaging effects of DHT.

What we recommend: Varga hair loss treatment

VARGA Hair Products contain nearly 200 valuable active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and micro-elements. These actively nourish the hair follicles and stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp.

When using VARGA Hair Loss Treatment, the dormant or insufficiently active hair roots are delivered a high dose of nutrients directly where it is needed, which stops hair loss and often results in renewed hair growth in those areas of the scalp which are partially bald, even for hair follicles which have been dormant for years.

Regular application provides the hair follicles with a continuous supply of nutrients, compensating them for the decline of nutrient absorption due to DHT.

Chronic cases of hair loss are usually the result of hair follicles lying dormant, but after an intensive course of treatment, hair growth can often be revived.

Varga hair loss treatment provides an immediate boost of rich hair building vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles themselves, quickly restoring the hair’s natural health.

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