Varga hair loss treatment – an effective remedy for hair loss

An effective remedy for hair loss and hair thinning

Varga Hair Lotion is a clinically tested, effective treatment that stops hair from falling and promotes new hair growth. The lotion has been on the market for more than ten years and has been widely used in numerous countries in Europe. Its effectiveness is documented by different medical specialists and health clinics.

Originally coming from Hungary, Varga Hair Lotion has been one of the most commonly used hair loss remedies in the past decades in Europe. In addition to preventing hair loss, the success of this herbal extract is mainly due to its capacity to cause a significant regeneration of hair growth, even after years or even decades of hair loss.

Science and clinical background

Varga Hair Lotion is a unique combination of natural herbal active ingredients, vitamins, microelements and minerals which supplement and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. It is thought that this effect, as shown through the clinical tests below, serve to stop hair loss effectively and provide the opportunity to stimulate new hair growth.

The high dose of amino acids, vitamins, microelements and other supporting nutrients in Varga lotion stops hair loss and results in renewed hair growth

In recent years Varga hair lotion was tested in clinical circumstances by dermatologists. They examined male and female patients who used the lotion once or twice a day.

By the fourth week, doctors observed that damage to the hair follicles had decreased and a significant number of participants experienced new hair growth.

After eight weeks of treatment, hair loss either decreased significantly or stopped completely. In the majority of cases, the fine hairs that appeared after the trials began thickened over the weeks resulting in actual visible regrowth where previously there had been no visible hair.


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